Price Action Trading

As a professional full time trader I have unique perspective on the commodities and currency market honed by more that fifteen years of experience. I have been trading as a prop trader and as a money manager for a hedge fund. The market that I trade now, exclusively, is commodities and forex market.

Way to successThere is no other course like this out there anywhere. I show you how to become a consistently profitable trader by gaining a powerful understanding of price action and what others are doing. What I teach you is by far the most sophisticated trading approach you will find anywhere. I literally show you how to “read” the market in such a way as to eliminate losses from your daily trading.

I’ll teach you how to truly understand the market’s short term behavior and I train you to have the mental tools needed to control your own emotions and eliminate stress and other factors that can lead to loss.

You will find my approach powerful. You will never view the markets the same again once you have spent a week with me. In addition, I also show you why everything you’ve ever heard or learned about trading–whether that was in books, seminars or elsewhere–is absolute rubbish and will not help you to succeed one bit.

This course gives tactics and strategies not taught anywhere else. I’ve been trading for more that 15 years and I know what’s out there. Trendlines, moving averages, oscillators…all those things will seem like primitive, blind, voodoo tools compared with the super-powerful insights I teach you, allowing you to gather unbelievably deep and prescient information about what others are doing. You will literally be able to trade circles around the others using those primitive techniques. Picking their pockets will become your pasttime.

The Greatest Risk is NOT Taking Action

Don’t delay…every month, hundreds of people around the world are putting thousands into their bank account from trading. They did it by learning what truly works and by having the courage to take action.